Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Travel Photo: Sometimes Waterfalls Just Appear

waterfall in forest

Today we went all the way to Naha City, in Okinawa, Japan.

With two cameras, fully charged, downtown we went.

While driving, with no real mission to accomplish, we got caught in a rainstorm.

We goofed-off all morning, had a big lunch and headed home early.

Doc Graff must think I'm getting senile.  I never took a photo, all day.

Got back to the office, put the cameras away and, I took a three hour nap.

There's been an awful heat wave hanging around here the past few weeks.

The rain helped cool things, for awhile but, it's still hotter than most people can tolerate.

Well, I woke-up freezing from the air conditioning and realized, I didn't have a photo for today.

Digging back in the photo files, I found this one.

It was taken, a few years ago, at Sueyoshi Nature Park in Naha.

There's normally, just a little trickle of a stream flowing through there.

So, I wouldn't recommend a visit if you are looking for waterfalls to take pictures of.

But, if you get caught in there during a flash summer storm, it's a different story.

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