Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thursday Travel Photo: Awase Fish Market

fresh catch displayed at fish market

Another Great Place to Visit on a Hot Summer Day




When the Map It Okinawa Dude showed-up today I was taking my second nap.

I'm on my sleeping bag with the AC cranking out freezing wind and, he wants to go look at a fish market.

So, I humored him, grabbed the cameras and off we went to Awase, Okinawa.

As it turned out, it wasn't such a bad day.

The name of the place is, Payao Fish Market but, it's much more than that.

They have a restaurant inside.

You can walk around and look at all the fresh fish, stacked on ice.

Then, ask somebody, "Could you cook me this one?"  And, they will !

We'll be going back down that way, someday to visit again.

It's really a cool place. I'll probably eat there and do a TripAdvisor Review on them.

After I took a few dozen photos we headed back north.

That's because, I didn't want to leave my nap unfinished.

Meanwhile, I gathered some links to YouTube Videos, you can watch.

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