Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bar Crawl or Pub Crawl -- Whatever You Call It Photos

Kin Town in Okinawa Does It Right

The idea could catch-on as a great way to break up the week.

On a Wednesday night from 8-12PM we had this event.

couple, performers, street scene

Ten bars participated and, I'm guessing, ten Live Shows were involved.

bar district at night

 Whenever you see those Orion Beer lanterns hanging, something special is going on.

male and female performers

 Fortunaetly, for me, someone who could read the schedule, was an escort.

Okinawan Mineo (folk music) is my favorite so, that's where we went first.

Live House Group

The live acts were in some fairly small bars.

If you wanted, you could just sit in one place and watch as the bands rotated.

Or, get out and go bar-hopping.  So, I did both.

popular singers, peace sign

These gals rocked the house, they were in.  People were dancing and bouncing off the walls.

Don't ask me what kind of music it was, I wasn't listening.

owner and girls at bar

Everywhere we went, the staff were friendly.

female singer

This entertainer was crooning some sort of love tunes.

popular male singer

This guy, I've seen on the cover of a CD so, he must be somebody important.

close up of sanshin being strummed

Here is an electric sanshin.  What will they think of next ?

close up, drums being played

Electric drums, would probably, put a lot of musicians out of business.

nightclub entertainers

Whenever I got a chance, I shot entertainers, while they were holding still.

belly dancer performing

Do you get belly-dancers at your favorite watering hole, where you live ?

male comedian imitating Kina Shoukichi

A standing ovation was awarded for this guy's impersonation.

By the time he was done, it was already midnight.

wall art

So, I packed away the camera and crawled to a pub, closer to home.

After a couple of beers, I was sitting on the floor, trying to figure out why my camera wouldn't focus.

A friend came in and said, "Hey Mike, why do you have your lens cap on?"

beautiful woman poses by wall art

 One of these days, I'll have to see if I can get that gal to walk like an Egyptian.

Does anyone know where we could rent her a costume ?


 Events Like This Should Be Held More Frequently


It gives the artists and musicians something to do outside of their weekend gigs.

Everything was within walking distance so, nobody was tempted to drink and drive. 

Why didn't somebody invent this type of bar crawl, years ago ?


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