Thursday, December 16, 2010

Outa Your Face Advertising

Call this a Rant.  Call me crazy if you want. Here's what I'm going to do:

                                                  OUTA YOUR FACE ADVERTISING

There's money in advertising, I know.  I want some, too.  It helps pay bills.  That'd be nice.

People come here to look at pictures and some of them read.  That's why I put stuff here.

If they think anything like I do, they don't want to see IN YOUR FACE ADVERTISING, like:

Pop-ups saying "YOU WON !"   "THIS IS NO JOKE"  "YOU ARE THE 100,000th VISITOR !"

Or,  Meet Russian, Chinese, Swiss Chocolate, French Maid, Beautiful, Single, Girls, NOW !

College Degrees Online,  Cheap Flights, Boat Rides, Hotels, Property, Massages, anywhere !

My plan is to have absolutely no advertising on this page.  I'll be moving what little I have here already off the page to my Advertising Department. That's going to take people who really can't wait to go shopping somewhere else. I will only have 1st class advertising, like products I would recommend or use myself.  I'll even do product reviews but, it will be on a different site, not here  where it distracts people who came to read and look at pictures, from reading and looking at pictures.

Please bear with me.  This will take me awhile.  There's no need to keep clicking on my Advertising Department to see the Outa Your Face Advertising because there's nothing there, yet. I have to get some gurus to help me organize it first.  I'll let you know when it's ready.

The way I figure, even if I don't make anything from Outa Your Face Advertising, it'll only be about twice what I'm not making already.  Does that make any cents (Spelchek, Shh !) to you?

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