Friday, December 17, 2010

Dirty Rat Spammers (Photo) Rant

Dirty Rat Spammers are trying to ruin my blog. That's what I'm going to rant about today.  After recieving many emails from folks who tried to comment but couldn't, last night I went and changed my settings. Anyone could comment but, I still had to approve the comments. And they did.

Some witch named Kate from Affordable Coursework Help (dot) com and another dirty rat from Sagittarius Tatto Design (dot) com who was smart enough to not leave his name.

The two Dirty Rats just posted a sweet comment and pasted some advertising links on my blog.

Well, just by coincidence, I happened to notice a dead, dirty rat my Huskies caught violating their space this morning and snapped a shot of it with my cellular. So, here it is. It fits perfectly.

Now, I've become a fairly non-violent person in my old age and pretty much leave people around the world alone to their own doings. If they want to be dirty rats, that's their own business and just fine and dandy with me.

Spammers, who think they can just paste advertising links on a blog I'm trying to run ad free are DIRTY RATS and I really don't like to come here and post a RANT but, something needs to be done about this. It's a worldwide problem somebody needs to get under control.

To my blog readers, I'm sorry but, I had to crank the security back up again and will have to closely monitor all comments for approval until I can figure out a better way.  It's really a shame.

To me, it's just as much a crime as going around the neighborhood and painting an advertisement on someone's home.  I wish the problem could be solved as effectively as my Huskies handled it.

Like can't the United Nations, World Bank, G20 or somebody gather all the Dirty Rat Spammers up and dip them in Boiling Canola Oil or something?  Just long enough to make them stop !

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