Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wildlife Photo Essay: Territorial Dispute: Grey Heron vs Osprey

Territorial disputes between Grey Herons and Osprey don't last very long. This series of photos was taken November 25, 2010. along the West Coast of Okinawa, Japan, It started at 3:50PM and was over 3:51PM. That's under two minutes by my calculations.

The Grey Heron arrives and looks for a spot to do some fishing along the shore at half tide.

He stakes his claim, landing in the shallows at 3:50PM but, detects something following him into the area.

He spots an Osprey wanting to fish in the same spot. That's just unacceptable. I was here first.

Hey, up there! This is my territory. I got here before you and you're not invited. All the fish here are mine !

Ospreys are not allowed here. This place is OFF LIMITS. Scram, go fish somewhere else. I mean it !

Dang, he was fast. Where'd that sucker go?  Well, I guess that takes care of him !

What the..... ?  He's coming back again!  Maybe I didn't make myself clear.

Osprey, I said beat it. Don't make me have to get physical. I'm wearing a black belt. Know what I mean?

Time: 3:51PM  Osprey says "Dude, chill.  I'm outa here".

Osprey: "Like what's up with these Grey Herons. Whole ocean's full of fish but, they want to claim  part of it all for themselves. Stupid birds are starting to act more like humans everyday. What's up with that"?

The whole world could learn from watching wildlife settle territorial disputes. Don't you think?

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