Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Five Girls Worth A Google

Today I'll give you a list of five girls I Google all the time. No, it's not what you're thinking. This photo just happened to have the right amount of girls in it and they were demonstrating, I don't know what, on the beach one day for me. They did get me some recognition as a photographer, though so, I figure they deserve a little exposure, too. So, here they have it. But no Google.

The Five Girls Worth A Google are these:

1. Anne-Sophie............. Sophie's World
2. Muza-chan.................Muza-chan's Gate to Japan
3. Nancie McKinnon.....Budget Travelers Sandbox
4. Neva Flores...............Changeful Storm Poetry
5. Sabina Lohr...............Solo Female Traveler

Now, you might wonder why Google them?  I'll tell you why I Google them. They are all good friends of mine and I have their websites saved to my favorites (some of them 17 or 18 times) and it's a real pain in the neck trying to find them in all the columns of favorites, bookmarks, whatever you call those stupid things poppin' up all over my dashboard.

So, I just let Google find them for me, instead. It's a heck of a lot quicker and it helps the economy, too.

See, if we keep Google busy, they can create more jobs, turn the world economy around and make life a whole lot better for all of us.

Just grab one of those little yellow sticky notes and write these five girl's names down. Whenever you feel like it, Google them and find out what's going on in their part of the world. They probably won't mind if you drop in on them, any time of the day or night. I bet they love it.

This is a simple job you can do while you're sitting on your duff but, it could turn the world economy around !  Why didn't someone think of this two years ago when I was still younger ?

Another good thing about Five Girls Worth A Google is they might just Google ya back.

Imagine that ?

Don't forget to keep your eyes on my speedometer For the Shoot This Blog Contest.
It's going to hit 99,999 anytime now and I sure would enjoy giving away a free photo to one of my regular followers.


Unknown said...

I have to say that's a totally gratuitous use of bikini-clad women. More please.

And yes - I think a bit of promotion for some fine World Wide Web citizens of the blogosphere is always a great idea.

And a personal thanks to Muza-chan for a great Japanese resource.

RyukyuMike said...

Ya smooth-talkin devil. Hope you have a camera ready for the blog shoot. That photo could be yours ! said...

Oh, Mike, that's really sweet. Thank you for mentioning me!!

Muza-chan said...

Thank you very much Mike, for considering me!

PS. I'm keeping an eye on your speedometer... (^_^)

PPS. I like the bikini girls, too! (>_<)

RyukyuMike said...

My pleasure. You have a fantastic site. I snoop around there daily and steal ideas from you. Hope you Google me back someday to steal ideas from my site, too!

RyukyuMike said...

Well, you know I've been following you since day #1 but, I bet you never knew who was Googlin' ya until just now !