Sunday, December 12, 2010

Plastic Typing Keys and Cigarettes Don't Mix

computer keyboard

Today I want to bring up a rant from the past. It was posted on one of my other blogs and now is probably a good time to do some editing and bring it here. That's just in case someone is planning on buying a loved one, or me, a brand new computer for Christmas. It's important to know:

Original Post Dated April 6, 2010 over on my WordPress blog but, I like blogging here.

This was a brand new laptop, just last month. I'm probably still paying for it. Haven't even figured all this Window 7 stuff out yet and my "S" key is already melted!

They just don't make machines like they used to. I bet Mark Twain didn't have half the problems we do nowadays with all this junk technology. He probably had a real typewriter, one with wrought iron, metal keys; something you could leave a lit cigarette on, go get a cup of coffee and not have to worry about your whole house burning down and toxic fumes, stinkin' burning plastic and all kinda pollution coming outa the machine.

Now, I know somebody's probably going to try and tell me I should quit smoking. And I probably should but, it probably won't happen, at least not in this lifetime. If you think I'm a miserable old goat now, you should see me when I try to quit smoking.

Smoking is good for some people and I'm one of them. It drives the Doctors nuts when they give me physicals, stress tests and all those wierd examinations. One time they stuck me in some contraption that looked like a glass helicopter with a breathalyzer and a bunch of computer wires hooked up to me. The technician had to leave the door open and wave his arms while he was screaming, "Inhale hard, exhale harder, longer, more, more , more, harder, a little bit more, more, more"!  That's 'cause I don't hear well.

When I flopped outa the bubble, all sweaty from huffin' and puffin' on his silly air tube he showed me the ticker tape with the results and said I did amazingly well. I must have been 100% recovered.

He wanted to know how long ago it was since I had my last smoke.
He figured I'd quit 30 years ago, or something and the Doctor sent me in for a follow up, I guess.

When I told the guy I had my last smoke about 15 minutes ago, before I came in his office, he almost choked !

And all the stories you hear about bartenders and airline stewardesses croaking from second hand smoke, hah!

They're making it up.

I have proof.
Just go and read the Obituary Column in your newspaper. Not one pet caught cancer from secondhand smoke.
I check everyday

Have your ever heard of a dog or cat catching cancer from people smoking cigarettes around them?

Now, I try and be polite and don't smoke around non-smokers but, I won't let them kiss me, either, at least not on the lips, anyway.

The Doctors tell me I should quit because if I don't, I'll die,

I inform them that the odds are, they'll probably die someday, too.

Anyway, the laptop is fine. I put the fire out and turned it upside down to shake all the ashes outa the keyboard and everything seems to be working perfectly.

I'm wondering now if I shoulda spent the extra grand and bought a Mac. Do they have metal typing keys?

Why would I want to spend an extra $1,000 if they don't?
Plastic Typing Keys and Cigarettes Don't Mix. 
I have proof !

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