Friday, December 3, 2010

Wildlife Photo: Pigeons in Flight + A Girl Named I Eat My Pigeon !

Today I'm feelin a little rough around the edges from too much cold medicine I guzzled last night. So, all you get to see will be these pigeons flying and I'll introduce you to this gal I met one day when I Googled to see if anybody actually eats pigeon.

Most wildlife photographers probably don't even consider pigeons to be wildlife. I know, I don't because the dang things are everywhere, city, country, jungles and even flying around dropping little white bombs on government buildings, statues, landmarks and state capitols.

Pigeons do make great subjects for a cameraman wanting to practice shooting birds in flight, though. They're fast and pull off some pretty fancy aerial maneuvers so, when nothing else worth shooting shows up and I get bored, I shoot pigeons for practice (with my camera, of course).

There was even a time when pigeons were drafted into the Army to be messengers during a war.  Now, the guy who came up with that bright idea must have had a awful lot of time on his hands or been really, really bored. It's hard enough for me to get one of my dogs to bring me something. How in the heck are you supposed to teach a bird to deliver a message and bring back a reply?

Fortunately, along came the internet and we don't have to draft pigeons anymore. We just keep them around to entertain bored photographers and old people sitting on park benches with stale bread crumbs. And, we allow them to deface government property. It's the right thing to do.

This is no joke. There's a Girl Named I Eat My Pigeon. I don't think she really ate anybody's pigeon or ever even thought of eating pigeons. It's just a name she picked up along the way. I don't want to steal her thunder so, if you're really interested in these sort of things, after you're done drooling over my Pigeons in Flight photo, you can pop-in on the Girl Named I EAT MY PIGEON and find out what made a name like that stick to her. She's really, alright, I think !

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