Saturday, October 1, 2011

Speed Demons: A Photo from Sports Day in Japan on a Lucky Day

Normally, a photo like this ends up in my digital dustbin but, I decided this one's a keeper.

At first, I thought of titling it What To Do When You See Ghosts but, settled on Speed Demons.  The ghosts were just kids running a relay race and I focused on the ones sitting still while the speed demons ran by with my shutter speed at 1/15th of a second.

This morning was fourth Undokai (Sports Day Event) I've been to in the past week.

To keep from burning out, between mandatory shots of friends and family,  I like to play with the camera and shoot some different scenes.  If I'd have been outdoors, wildlife would have been my choice.  Indoors, you don't get many choices.  There's only a few other things to shoot.  Fashion,  food, maybe some architecture, and that's it.

When you have a group of 500 people with children packed into a gym for a sporting event there will be exciting times where everybody is jumping up and down, cheering or applauding, then, spells where nothing is goin on.  I get bored easily.  Kids do, too.

Guaranteed, if you are patient and look around carefully at a school event like this, you will find a kid, somewhere, picking his nose.  There's one at every event.  Sometimes you can find two.  Well, anybody can take a photo of a kid picking his, or her nose; that's no challenge for me, anymore.

Today, I decided, I'd scan the crowd and see if I could find something like, maybe, two kids picking their noses side by side, or back to back.  That'd be different.  Wouldn't it ?

Hah !   It couldn't have been more than two minutes, after I got easily bored and made-up this challenging assignment that I struck gold.

It must have been my lucky day.  I didn't get one kid picking his nose, or two.

Three of the little darlings, THREE, ALL IN A ROW.

It couldn't have been done better by a professional choreographer facrynoutloud !

Now, I wouldn't post something like that here, without model releases, signed by the parents.

I'll work on it. 

 For now,  you just get to see the Speed Demons.



Muza-chan said...

Wow! Great picture, Mike! :)

RyukyuMike said...

Thanks. Really, burning out on these Undokai things. Another big one tomorrow and maybe another next week.
If was smart, I'd leave the cameras home and just enjoy !

Alison said...

That is just pretty awesome!!!

RyukyuMike said...

Not sure if you meant the ghosts or the nose picking but, thanks !