Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sea Hawks the Birds You Gotta Love Them

At an undisclosed location in Okinawa, Japan these birds put on a show today.

Sea Hawks are also known as Fish Hawks, Fish Eagles
and Ospreys but, I don't call them that, anymore because that is like a cuss word in Okinawa.

The scientific name for these birds is Pandion haliaetus.

Just watching them fly is a blast.

They like to eat fish.  And, it doesn't matter if they are fresh or, saltwater fish.

So, you might see them performing their aerial acrobatics over the ocean, a lake, river, or pond.

Any place they can find fish to eat, you will spot them.

 Seeing one of these raptors when they spot a fish and dive is a big thrill.

 That didn't happen today, while I was there.

But, one of the reasons you gotta love these Sea Hawks is what this guy did.

He nabbed a dirty rat and put it out of circulation !

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Sherry Viray said...

I know the football team very well, but I never knew this is how the actual bird looks like - nice!

RyukyuMike said...

Thanks and, I hope you enjoyed your visit.