Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bird Photos: The Cinnamon Bittern

A Cinnamon Bittern is also called Chestnut Bittern.

The scientific name would be Ixobrychus cinnamomeus.

This bird was at the bottom of a dam and I was too far away for a sharp shot.

From the top of the dam, I had the Sigma 50-500 lens stretched all the way to 500mm.

Whenever I see some wildlife I can't identify, I take plenty of shots.

When I get time to do the research, ID the critter and learn its habits.

Cinnamon Bitterns are real skittish birds.

The hang out in fresh water .

For food, they go after small fish, frogs and crustaceans.

If you spook one of them and it doesn't want to fly away, they trick you.

The bird just sticks its beak straight up in the air and pretends to be a reed.

Their colors help them blend-in with the environment.  Camouflage, eh ?

It works.  I never saw the bird's mate in the upper part of this frame.

Now that I know the Cinnamon Bittern's habits, I'm going back to get some better photos.

It just means, quit trying to take satellite photos from the top of the dam.

Get down on the bird's level with that big lens and sneak-up on them.

Like maybe, do some belly and elbow-crawling.

Go back there and get an award-winning, close-up shot.

Even if I have to make little crustacean noises while I'm doing it !

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