Saturday, October 20, 2012

Prototype: The Redneck Apple Telephone

Still in Early Development Stages


Don't go runnin' off until you here what inspired this prototype.

Everybody's jumpin' on the bandwagon and buying those newfangled phones.

A friend of mine has a brand new Apple iPhone, or whatever they're called.

Watchin' him do all the neat stuff that's available on the contraption almost convinced me.

I need one, too.

Nobody ever accused me of being over-scholarly but, I do think things over, sometimes.

Along Came the What's Wrong with the World Theory


Look back a few years and, try to remember when telephones had wires on them.

People didn't walk down the street staring at little screens on their phones.

When they were driving cars, they watched where they were going.

You didn't have to sit in a restaurant listening to other folks yappin' on a phone.

Bank robbers had to bust into the place, and physically grab the money.

The world went wireless.  That's when things started going haywire.  Hah !

Way Back in 2003 a Bear Broke into David Letterman's House

Now, I have no idea what a New York City boy was doing in Montana.

We should probably ask him what kind of phone he was using.

When the Redneck Apple Phone goes into production it will have an instruction book.

There will be a page teaching city boys stuff you can't do with a cell-phone.

You could lure the bear out of the house with an apple.

Or, swing that baby around by the wires and smack the bear in the nose.

Yup, things started going wrong in the world when everybody got wireless.

Somebody should look into that !

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