Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ten Photos from the Full Moon Festival in Awa

It Rained a Little


The full moon decided not to show for these gals dancing in Awa Okinawa, Japan.

But, getting wet didn't dampen their spirits at all.

From the sacred site where it all started, they headed over to the festival area.

Excusing myself, I got in front of the procession before they started dancing.

That's because, I knew, once they started, it wouldn't be easy shooting them.

They move gracefully but, trying to freeze their motion in the dark was challenging.

Using a flash, I tried to just focus on a few dancers at a time.

They have been practicing for over a month to get ready for the event.

 I figured it would be nice to try and catch a photo of each gal, if I could.

Close to 300 pictures of them dancing in the rain were taken.

When it was over, some gals just kept on dancing.

They were real nice folks and I wish I could have stayed longer.

But, I have work to do.  And, all that rain could give a person a cold.

So, I figure I should see if any bars are still open and get me some cold medicine.


October Full Moon: Another Okinawa Festival

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