Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Sneaks Up on People--But Not This Year

Here's What Happened Last Year


 Almost totally clueless to the fact that Halloween 2011 was just around the corner,

this set of bones was posted to make a point and, enhance a spooky story.

No Need to Fret Over Those Bones


They ain't from human hands.  That photo is whale bones from the Nago City Museum.

Whale hunting hasn't happened in Okinawa, Japan for decades.

Funny, how whale bones look like human hands, though.  Ain't it?

Along Came this Gal with a Magazine from Australia


And, asked if I'd let her use it for a Halloween story on her publication.

So, I tweaked it a little, to make it halloweenish and off it went.

For a holiday that sneaked up me, the story didn't do too shabby.

On this blog, it has way over 16,000 pageviews !

I still think, people who believe in ghosts, are some kind of nuts.

 Spirits are the things you have to watch out for.

Halloween is Just around the Corner


There's a small typhoon, in the area, dousing us with rain, today but, no strong winds.

Maybe I'll call the Map It Okinawa Dude and see if he has any Halloween spirit.

We could go to one of the big chain stores and shoot some decorations for you.

Up north, I think it was, I saw a Halloween witch. I can't remember.

Map It Dude will remember.

Anything's better than sitting at home on a rainy day. 
Maybe, 'cuz there's a little witch, in my house !   Shhh.....

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