Saturday, October 13, 2012

How to Smooth Talk in a Papaya Field

You Can't Just Walk in and Shoot Papayas


Back in August when we ran across these little papaya trees I had to shoot them.

Months earlier, I had taken a photo of me standing next to a big papaya tree.

It had been a long time, waiting for the right weather to get a photo of these little papaya trees.

It was time to do some smooth talking so I could get this done for my blog. 

I wanted to show a comparison in the sizes of these trees.

RyukyuRusty had to stop the car and let me out.

Before setting up a tripod, I asked the farmer's permission, to take a photo.

That way, we wouldn't look like some sort of criminals, just tresspassing.

Rusty got the shot of me by the papaya and I went over to talk the the farmer.

What I didn't know was:  The rascal kept on shooting while I was over there.

There I was flailing around telling the guy what nice trees he had.

And showing him how a typhoon came along and broke my first papaya tree.

Matsuda thought I was some kind of foreign dancer, I bet.

That's because, I wiggle around a lot when I get excited.

He had a good laugh.  And, Rusty was probably laughing, too, while he was shooting.

 Before I left, I had to ask Matsuda, again, what his name was.

That's because I hear about as good as a rock, these days.

So, he yelled "Matsuda".

 Then, I thanked him for the fruit he gave me and told him not to worry about my ears.

It comes in handy when you get old.

If you can't hear, you don't have to sit around the house listening to the wife yapping away.

We had a blast.

Everybody should try smooth talking in a papaya field, someday !