Friday, October 26, 2012

Editor's Picks (Photos) for the Month of October 2012

October 2012 an Incredibly Busy Month

The Character

Ryukyu Inu: Okinawa's Pedigree Dog

These photos were the only ones entered in Better Photo's contest this month.

It's nice to hear the judges liked them enough to award Editor's Picks.

That means they may go on to the winner's circle, someday.

Sometimes it seems like a photographer in Okinawa, Japan never gets a day off.

Years ago, I would submit a photo, a day, into a contest.  This month, I was just way-too-busy.

Work Hard and Reap the Benefits


There isn't a gold mine in this blogging business.  If there is, I haven't found it, yet.

If some crazy billionaire came along and wanted to buy this blog, I'd sell it at half price.

Shucks, I'd keep on working, for free, as long as I got a driver and secretary, to boot.

 The benefits, I see, are not financial but, they are rewarding.

Knowing a million people came here means something, to me.

They come to see my photos or, read what I write.  I'm not sure but, it's nice having them over.

The Ryukyu Inu dog photo above was sent off to a zoologist, in Italy, this month.

The file I sent was high resolution suitable for printing.

When I emailed it, I apologized for taking so long, as I am eternally busy.

Today, I'd like to share some of the words from my new friend, Alberto, with you:

"Dear Mike,
Don’t worry, you’ve not to apologize, I know what means to be very busy: I’m studying about eighty rare dog breeds of all the world, I’m alone to work on this project and I’ve to take care of all the aspects of the work with my means only, sometimes I nearly lose hope.
Your kind words and your interest for my research are encouraging and touch me very much!
The photo is perfect: the dogs are perfectly represented also they are beautiful, exactly what I need."

Alberto initially found the photo on this blog during an internet search. 

His reply encourages me.  I think, we both love what we do, even if there's no money in it.

He gets to eat lasagna, more than I do.  That's Italian, right ?

So, I envy him, somewhat.

Another rewarding surprise came along during the month of October.

Mike's Ryukyu Gallery was included in Travel Bloggers Worth Following.

That tells me, for sure, at least someone comes by here to look at pictures.

It is nice to know that other folks in the travel blog-writing-world recognize your work.

Sometimes Travel Writing Pays


It's the law. Before I send you over there, I have to disclose something.

The good people over at Yahoo pay me for this so, it has to be professional.

Here's my latest international travel article:

5 Things to Know About UNESCO Zakimi-Jo Castle 

 Suppose you and a few million of your friends went over to see me at Yahoo !

Wouldn't that be neat ?

They'd pay me, even more, I bet.

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