Friday, October 12, 2012

Small Okinawan Drum with a Handle (Photo)

This photo was taken at A Shinigu Matsuri  (Festival) last month.

The event was an experience, for me and I must have over 1,000 photos to prove it.

They called this instrument a Chijin.

It was written down on a note so I wouldn't forget it.

Just as soon as I get all those photos developed, I'll be going back to visit those folks again.

That's because I promised them some photos. 

And, I want to make sure I spelled the name of that drum, correctly.

The Governor of these islands should assign somebody to go around with me.

They could do stuff like, take notes and talk to people.

Leave the camera shooting, drinking, dancing and partying all night long, to me.

Shoot, I'm kinda dragging my flip-flops going back up to see those gals.

That's mostly because, I can't remember any of their names.

All I had time to do was write, "Small drum with handle, Chijin".

The Dancing Ladies of Gushiken Okinawa, Japan kept me too busy to do anything else.

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