Monday, October 15, 2012

Million Views Contest: How We Gotterdun

As promised we drew the winner's name in true redneck style.

These photos by RyukyuRusty, will show you how we gotterdun.

The Million Views Giveaway blog and Facebook pages were printed.

Each contestant, who made a legitimate entry, had their name snipped out of the page.

Lucky for us, nobody was using the pool table.  This was a serious operation.

 To be fair and square about it, the criminals trying to enter twice, had to be eliminated.

But, they only got eliminated, once.  So, they still had a chance to win.

 The pretty girl, who wants to be a model, did some practice poses.

That was while I was doing the paperwork.

We had to arm wrestle a few times because that's what rednecks do when they aren't playing pool.

She won every match, easily.  That was so I could buy the beers.

Next, we folded-up all the contest entries so they all looked the same size.

They were placed in this guy's hat.  I stepped out of the scene, to keep things honest.

That's my hand, over there, and I'm telling the model, "Reach in and pick one winner".

We had to hurry and get this contest over before everyone was falling-down drunk.

There she went.  She pulled a winner's name out of the hat.

She held the thing up in the air just like she was a professional model all her life !

There's  more to how we gotterdun.  Even a photo of me wearing my tux.  But, I gotta run.

To be continued.....

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