Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Travel Photo: When it's Green Again

 Where Did All the Green Go ?

One of the techniques used in travel photography works well in travel writing, too.

Whether it's a photo, or a story, the finished product should make the viewer want to be there.

The last few typhoons that passed through Okinawa, Japan made things rough.

Lots of the greenery in the northern areas turned brown.  I want to show you a green island.


Another Storm is Brewing Out There


This one is named, Typhoon Prapiroon.  It's as unpredictable as the rest.

Looking at the forecast, it may not whack us like the last three did.

They're predicting it will pass way off the east coast of Okinawa.

That should just give us some strong breezes and enough rain to wash all the salt off of our trees.

And, make me happy as a pig when everything turns green, again !

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