Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Children's Books and Wildlife Photography

Books for Children 

Writers of the world need to hear about this. Kids books is a 2.7 billion dollar industry.

We should stop worrying about making our blogs and websites fit little screens.

Kindle, Android, iPods, iPhones, Smart Phones and all that mobile stuff, Hah !

Little kids can't take those mobile devices in the bathtub.  Can they ?

 Children should have waterproof books with wildlife photos in them.

And, writers shouldn't have to make their websites responsive to those crazy gadgets.

Turn all that stuff off and spend some time teaching kids about nature and real life.

 Birds in the wild don't look at a monitor to find out where to eat.

They have to search for food, sneak up on it and grab some.

Sort of like those poor people who go on TV reality shows, only this is real.

While the kids are soaking and splashing in the tub, they could be learning.

The girl bird looks at the boy.

He has something stuck on his nose.

In bird-talk she probably says, "Let me get that Honey."

And, he lets her have it. 

If the kid asks you what it was, tell the truth.

 Just say, "I don't know, probably a bugger."

Children ask all sorts of questions.

They may want to know what kind of birds they were, too.

Just tell them after they get done drying everything, including the book,

"Go Google it"  !

If you are a writer, you might consider getting into the children's book business.

It could be a goldmine for you. Not me.  I have no imagination.

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