Saturday, December 29, 2012

Breaking News: Cherry Blossoms (桜) Blooming !

OkiNinjaKitty Spots Them First


This is big news and we're all glad to hear it because that means we've had our coldest day.

Of course, that's if you believe local legends.

This photo was dragged-up out of my files.  It's from a previous year.

The little bird is Japanese White Eye.

They are fairly jittery birds and won't give your camera a chance to focus, before they move-on.

But, during Cherry Blossom Season, I swear, they get drunk, or something.

It's a whole lot easier to get great shots of them when they are around Cherry Blossoms.

Sometimes, they actually pose for you.

The first photos I've seen (this season) of the Sakura (桜) Blossoms on Mount Yadake are here:

 Go on over and congratulate her and Like her, if you have time.

If you happen to be a real Cherry Blossom fanatic, I have some links for you.

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