Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Burning Bento Mystery Solved (Images)

A bento (boxed lunch in Japan) is one of the cheapest meals you can buy.


Like most folks, these days, I try to be economical.

 Look at that meal.

For only 300 yen I got all sorts of nourishment. It's healthy stuff, too.

There was chicken, pork, fish, rice, noodles and veges.

One of the servings, I call, sweet potato meat loaf. I don't know what it really is.

But, it looks like meat loaf and tastes like sweet potatoes.

The mystery part of this meal happened while I was outside the office on a smoke break.

Guys should stick to Barbecuing


The bento got popped into the microwave after I checked over, thoroughly.

Any fool knows, you should remove the rubber bands from the box.

And, thanks to Amy Chavez, from Japan Times, I always check for plastic grass.

The stuff would probably melt in the oven.

So, if I find any, I throw it away and crack-up laughing, thinking about Amy's story.

Two minutes in the microwave is all it takes to get this meal steaming hot.

 So, I went out the front door for some Okinawa sunshine and a cigarette.

Too bad there's not a place around here I could set up my barbecue grill.

That's where guys outshine women, as far as cooking goes.

Microwave cooking and washing machines, that's where the gals do best.

The Scent of Burning Plastic


There was some kind of mayonnaise on the chicken.  It didn't take long to figure that out.

Well, if I get cancer, I don't want it coming from burning plastic.

So, the stuff with melted bento box lid on it, I didn't eat.

There weren't any feral cats around when I got done so, I buried the rest in my planter.

All that's growing there, right now, is my shamrocks.

If this little experiment works, I could become a millionaire.

Maybe, we'll have laminated shamrocks by St. Patrick's Day !

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