Sunday, December 16, 2012

Maw, We Better Dust Off The Dancin' Shoes !

Ridea's Coming to Town

It was such a thrill running across this poster, I grabbed it and stuffed it in my pocket.

Getting all the wrinkles out takes too long. I have to pass the word quickly.

Ridea, will be here, at the Live House December 26, 2012.

Me and Maw, we need to get our dancin' shoes ready, now.

That Sweetheart of a Gal is in Tokyo Somewhere


Those city-slicker folks got her playin' concerts, far away from here.

Poor girl, only gets to come back to the Ryukyu Islands on weekends.

She's gonna be a superstar.  I know it.

So, me and the missus are making reservations.

We're goin dancin' that night.

And, I'll see if I can get an autograph from Ridea.

Maybe, even get someone in there with a video camera. 

Those city boys probably aren't aware of this.

Rednecks know some smooth moves, too !

Just to be on the safe side, look for Ridea here.

We even got a picture of my Dancing Queen in that department.

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