Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blue Butterfly Can Remain a Mystery (Photos)

These photos of little blue butterflies were taken in Okinawa, Japan.

Since mid November I've been trying to get a positive ID.

So far, I have it narrowed down to a Japanese name.

Yamato shijimi sounds cool.

Yamato, is the ancient name for Japan.

But, I'm not sure what we would call this critter in English.

Shooting butterflies isn't what's in the plan when I go looking for wildlife.

But, when nothing else shows-up, I use them for target practice.

These little rascals are smaller than a thumbnail and, don't like to sit still.

A Scientific Name Would be Great


But, in this case I've decided to let this guy remain a mystery.

See, I figure, what the heck. 

How many people, really consider butterflies, wildlife ?

If you were planning a wild party, would invite butterflies over ?

Me neither !

RESOURCES: Butterflies of Japan and Flickr

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