Thursday, December 13, 2012

Daikon (大根) Japanese Radish (Photos)

Many people around the world could eat a few radishes and not get full.

Today, I decided to introduce you to the radishes we have in Okinawa, Japan.

These little guys growing in a field gave me the idea.

The other Ryukyu Dudes were wading through a stream to find a cave.

Not thrilled about catching pneumonia, I told them I'd hang around and shoot birds.

No birds, butterflies or, any wildlife showed-up and I got bored.

So, I shot radishes. They are really called Daikon  (大根) in Japanese.

Paphanus sativus var. longipinnatus is what scientists would call them.

Rather than pull some poor farmer's longipinnatus plant out of the ground, to show you...

.....I went to the farmer's market and took some photos.

To add a sense of perspective, I stuck my paw in this photo.

Now, you have an idea how large these daikons can become.

They are humongous !

So far, I've never seen anyone eat, even half, of one of these radishes in one sitting.

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