Friday, December 21, 2012

Look at Luxury: Ryukyu Onsen in a Photo Essay

Senagajima Gets a New Hotel


These photos were taken yesterday on Okinawa's Senaga Island.

The Ryukyu Onsen Grand Opening is today.

What you are looking at is a brand new hot spring resort in the Ryukyu Islands.

 It's so close to Naha International Airport you can see the planes take-off and land.

You could hop off your flight, grab your luggage and be there in less than 20 minutes !

 A friendly staff is waiting to assist you and show you around.

They have over 100 rooms for guests.

The place is full of surprises.

Massage Service, Body Salon, Public Bath, Sauna, Conference Room, Banquet Hall, Outdoor

 Swimming Pool  and a Japanese Outdoor Bath, are just a few of the goodies offered.

Pets are allowed, too.

Guaranteed to be popular, is the Lunch Buffet.

Whenever you see a sign that says Lunch Viking style that means:

Help yourself to All You Can Eat !

Lockers are provided for only 100 yen.

And get this.  When you are done using them, your money comes back to you !

Ready for the Grand Opening, bouquets of flowers were on display, everywhere.

When Mrs. RyukyuMike finds out about this resort, I'll have to take her there.

First, I'll have to ask them where they'll keep my Huskies.

Once everybody gets settled, I'm going to jump in that onsen and live in luxury !

Take a Video Tour Courtesy of OkiNinjaKitty !

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