Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Titanic Sad -- Over 40 Other Ships Horror !

Many Disasters Worse Than Titanic Occurred at Sea

This is a book sent to me by the author, David L. Williams.

There won't be a Mad Mike Review for a few reasons. One being, I'm still reading.

Another reason, one of my photos was published in it and I like to be impartial.

It's pretty tough doing an unbiased review when the author sends you an autographed copy.

But, I will tell you, reading this, is educational and it is a true, horror story.

In more than 40 other disasters at sea the number of casualties exceeded those of the Titanic's.

 Who would have ever known ?

People are Standing in Line

All my Ryukyu friends are waiting for me to finish reading this book.

And, I told Mr. Williams, I'd try to read a chapter a day.

But, I'm a slow reader.  Every time I finish reading, I hide the book, somewhere.

Sometimes it's at home.  Sometimes it's in my office.

It took a half hour to find it today, stashed away in my backpack.

Hey !

  If you had an autographed book would you let it get exposed to Grand-kids or Ryukyu Dudes ?

Me neither.

Everybody should just go to The History Press and get their own books.

That's what I recommend.

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