Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Year Tradition in Japan: The Fortune (Photo)

This young lady is tying some paper to a tree.

The photo was taken New Year's Day at Kin Kannon Temple in Okinawa, Japan.

Most people try to make a visit to either a shrine or temple the first few days of January.

But, traffic conditions and weather sometimes make it difficult.

So, the tradition may be carried out any time during the month and, even into February.

The piece of folded paper being  placed on the branch of a tree, is her fortune.

Years ago, only fortunes that were considered bad, were displayed in this manner.

Now, it seems like everyone ties them, to be left behind, on New Years.

We can't be sure if that many people are going to have misfortune in the year 2013. 

It could just be, they are copying what they see others doing.

Whenever the shrine and temple photography slows down, I'll grab one of those fortunes.

If it's a good one, I'll keep it in my wallet. If not, up the tree it goes.

Then, I'll keep paying and taking fortunes, until we get it right !

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