Friday, January 18, 2013

Sakura (桜) Report: Mt. Yaedake in Photos

Have a Look at the Cherry Blossoms


Up on Mt. Yaedake in Okinawa, Japan the sakura are popping-out all over the place.

We drove up to the top of the mountain and worked our way back down.

Consider this a photographic report from a guy who knows, where the flip-flops meet the road.

Everywhere I walked, was flip-flop friendly.  Socks are recommended. It's cold up there.

Traffic, on the road going up the mountain wasn't bad at all.

Sometimes, I could stand in the middle of the street and compose a photo.

There were blue skies when this shot was taken from above.

It was sunny but, a bit chilly with the mountain breeze.  

Walking down the hill I met a few other travelers with cameras.

And, rain started coming down.

Don't let that dampen your spirits.  The weather can change, every five minutes.

In some spots, the cherry blossoms are sparse.

When you go around the next bend, you might find a scene like this.

It's almost impossible to get lost because they have signs in English and Japanese.

When too many cars and motorcycles come up the mountain, I just point the camera higher.

 This weekend is probably a good time to start cherry blossom chasing.

But, I'm guessing it will be another week or, two before everything is in full bloom.

 If you plan on going up Mt. Yaedake to take photos don't forget lens tissues.

A few drops of rain on your camera lens can ruin a great picture.

Every once in awhile, I'll give some more sakura (桜) reports from other locations.

Just don't expect to see me doing cherry blossom photos in northern Japan.

Hot weather suits me better. Way down here in Okinawa, I'm freezing !

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