Monday, January 28, 2013

Well I Figured Kill Two Birds with One Stone

Stuck in the Office


The day started off with a plan that went something like this: Do Office Stuff Today.

In the morning emails I found one where my brother-in-law asked if I was wearing socks with my flip-flops.

So, I answered something like this, "Yup."

Then, I decided to start all the paperwork required to apply for a Foreign Press Card.

That meant I needed a recent mug shot.  So, I figure, kill two birds today.

Why pay another photographer to take your own mug shot ?

Trust me.  I am not a studio photographer and don't really have the desire to ever become one.

There ya go.  Here is how I imagined it should be done.

And, my brother-in-law can see one of my socks.  The other one has a hole in it.  You can't see.

Excuse the mess in the background.  This place is always a work in progress.

The first shot was sort of an experiment. I didn't like it. Can you tell ?

Some adjustments had to be made on the height of the camera and tripod.

See, I don't smile when I'm stuck in the office.

That's OK.  This photo is for official government stuff.  So, I don't need to smile.

The dimensions of

a photo for Foreign Press Cards are different from what I'm used to doing.

So, I'm not sure which of these shots will pass the test.

Maybe, tomorrow I should just pay the five bucks and sit in a Passport Photo Booth.

That way, if the sun comes out I'll have time to go shoot some real birds.

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