Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bird Talk in the Sakura (桜) Photo Essay

Japanese White Eyes in Cherry Blossoms


On Mt. Yaedake in Okinawa, Japan the Sakura  (桜) or, Cherry Blossoms are blooming.

Japanese White Eye (birds called Mejiro) are all over the place.

It's fun trying to imagine what they tweet about up in those cherry trees.

Just guessing, OK ?

That guy with the beard keeps pointing his camera this way.

What to you suppose he's up to ?

He's just trying to get a good photo, of us, to print and frame.

If we look towards the sun, he will probably take one last shot and go away.

It's a trick grandpa taught me a long time ago.

People who like birds won't harm you. 

Never forget what grandpa said.

"People who don't like birds should go to HELL !"

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