Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Some Kinda Freaking Frigatebird in Okinawa (Photos)

It Was Supposed to Be an Easy Day

Last night a guy sitting in a bar, watching TV, said "Albatross".

The birds they were showing looked like this one, to me.

So, I asked the guy if he's ever seen one of them in Okinawa.

And, he says, "Nope".

Well, I told him, he just gave me an idea for my blog.

These photos were taken back in 2007.

All I had to do was dig through some old files and post them, along with a good link.

That would mean about 20 minutes of work and I'd be done for the day.

The gal behind the counter was nice enough to loan me a pen.

The word, Albatross was scratched down on a napkin and slipped into my pack of smokes.

It's so much fun knowing tomorrow will be an easy day.

Heck, I bought the whole house a round and maybe, had ten more beers, myself.

Then, today happened.

Probably, a few thousand birds, online and called Albatross crossed my eyes.

None of them looked like this one.

Half a day of research is way more than needs to be wasted on one bird.

It was time to get some assistance or, scratch the blog for today.

I voted for HELP !

Twenty minutes after posting them in the Bird ID Forum, the emails started coming.

The bird isn't an Albatross.  It's some kinda freaking Frigatebird.

Moral of the Story

Don't talk to people watching TV in a bar, if you want to have an easy day tomorrow !

UPDATE:  From the Bird Forum.Net--This is a Great Frigatebird !


Based upon this information posted by Chris Butterworth,

"It's a 2nd > 3rd stage juvenile, white-breasted morph, Great Frigatebird. 

Lesser has much less white on the underparts and distinct 'spurs' of white running onto the

 underwing coverts and a tawny head at this stage".

More About the Great Frigatebird (Fregata minor) at ARKive

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