Sunday, January 13, 2013

Todoroki Waterfall Okinawa in January (Photos)

Last Friday we made a trip back to visit Todoroki Waterfall.

When the Map It Okinawa dude mentioned going there, I cussed a little.

The last time I took a camera up there, I slipped and fell.  Hard.

So, I decided, this time to stay down near the bottom, while Map It climbed.

 These photos were taken using a Sigma 10-20mm lens on the Pentax K5.

Map It Okinawa was gone a few hours but, I kept myself entertained, no problems.

There was a crew with big TV cameras, filming gals doing yoga. Hah !

If you want to learn yoga visit Waka Yogi on YouTube

She's the expert, a Brand Ambassador for Reebok and was leading the other gals.

They joked and said I looked like some kind of guru.

So, I've been thinking of cancelling my annual beard-cutting, this year.

Maybe, I'll just turn into one of those Yoga-watching Gurus !

To see and hear Todoroki Waterfall, visit OkiNinjaKitty on You Tube

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