Monday, January 14, 2013

Forgotten Art of Photo Framing--Not a DIY Project

General Rule for Those Selling Photography


If you ever decide to frame your photos and sell them consider the costs of your finished product.

Some photographers do their own framing.

A general rule to follow is this:  Sell the photo for five times the amount invested in materials.

When I first started out, I printed and framed all my photos for display, and sale.

Today, I discovered it's a forgotten art.  And it's not a do it yourself project I enjoy, anymore.


The weather in Okinawa took a wicked turn, over the past 24 hours.

It seems like we're having the frozen tailwinds of a mini typhoon blowing around here.

 I decided to goof-off today and do some indoor work. 

Down on the corner, a photo studio does digital prints.  So, I gave him some business.

Three prints were made.  The guy loved this bird and blossom photo.

 I figure that was what inspired me to frame it.

The frame is an old one, I disassembled, cleaned-up and reused.

Nobody can imagine the mess I made around here and, I ain't going to show you .

Thumbtacks, tape, pushpins, pens, pencils, rulers, vinegar, spray paint, chunks of my beard,

 ponytail, fingernails, coffee, spray adhesive, splinters of wood and broken glass are everywhere !

Do you know what it's like trying to peel a Fujifilm Color print off your face ?

When you get it loose, it's all wrinkled and doesn't want to lay flat.

Once I remember how to do this, like I used to, I'll show everybody how to getterdun.

The sun is coming out.  So, I better get going. There's a festival in town.

Gotta get the epoxy out of my hair or, wear a hat and go shootin' !

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