Sunday, May 12, 2013

At the Mudfest Some Kids Just Stay Incredibly Clean (Images)

Maybe It's the Suncreen


It could be that mud and dirt wouldn't stick to them because the stuff is like that spray cooking oil.

A whole lot of space was used up on my memory card at the Kin Town Mudfest.

When I spotted these two kids, all clean-looking, I figured I was in for some action.

After an hour of shooting, slipping, sliding and, getting mud all over myself, I gave up on them.

They just wouldn't get dirty.

Down at the other end of  the flooded field was the place to be.

The guy in the yellow shirt looked reasonably clean, to me.

He was determined to get right in there and get his toes wet.

I figured he could make a pretty good splash.

And, he didn't let me down.

If you had the chance to be there, I wonder.

What kind of mud festival goer would you be ?

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