Friday, May 17, 2013

Flower Photo: Red Tower Ginger (Costus comosus)

Blooming at the Hydrangea Festival


Here's another plant the camera captured in the hills of Izena yesterday.

They were blossoming right at the entrance to a shed where you can get refreshments.

After grabbing a quick cup of coffee, I turned my back on all the hydrangea flowers and shot this.

Also known as Spiral Ginger, they are natives of Central and South America.

Still recovering from a wicked cold, I'll just give some links to more information on these beauties.

For medicinal purposes, if you know anyone suffering from gonorrhea, send them here:

In the USA plenty of people grow them as ornamental plants and talk about them at:

Down in Australia there's a guy who knows all about these gingers.  He says they are even edible:

Friends, who say "See Catherine of Alexandria for the man named Costus often held to be her father":

At Wikipedia, might like you to visit them, too.

It's always fun discovering plants and flowers found on Okinawa and getting them identified for you.

With the Red Tower Ginger, out of my way, I only have a few thousand more left to do !

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