Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Rant: Old Goats Either Love or Hate Facebook

A Few Days Offline Floods Mailboxes


This old boy hasn't been in the office for awhile because of some good doctors.

They gave me enough medicines to keep me in bed for a week.

Instead of running around twenty hours a day and sleeping the other four, I've gone in reverse.

It's just one of those lung things and I'll be fully recovered shortly.

Out of the house for a walk, is what I told the wife I'd be doing.

No camera shooting, just post a quick blog and homepage photo and I'm outta here.

What's Great About Facebook



There were a few messages from editors hinting it would be nice to have articles.

And, I got a great big Thank You from someone who reads my blogs.

She discovered the best hamburger in Okinawa and went there Mother's Day. 

Hopefully, her kids or, hubby paid.

Rant: This is the Part of Facebook I Hate

It's important to check your mailbox over there and reply when someone talks to you, I think.

Another thing, is to look for new people who have started following your site.

Normally, I'm not so far behind on all my email accounts like I was today.

Twitter, Facebook, Stumble upon send you new followers all the time.

Before I follow them back, I check their profile.  No time today but, I didn't want to be mean.

Some gal named Lisa was in the pile. She's already friends with 10 of my friends.

If you can believe the Zuckerberganator thing.

I'm in a hurry so, I added her as a Friend.  Big mistake.

Within two minutes I got a reply:

"Thanks for the add...

Have you met anyone cool on here?

ugh I have to log out right now :<

wats ur numebr?  I'll send u smoe of my pictures."

Sent from mobile

Lisa, I really don't think I can use any of your photos.

I'm not that sort of photographer.

Sometimes you have to un-add friends on Facebook.

That's what I really hate about it.

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