Monday, May 6, 2013

Hando-Gwaa Statue on Ie Jima Okinawa and Advice for Parents

The Poor Girl Didn't Have to Kill Herself


This statue is a monument to Hando-Gwaa, a girl who fell in love with the wrong guy.

After the fact, she found out the dude was married.

So, she climbed up Mt. Tatchū (タッチュー) and hanged herself with her long hair.

The statue is in Shimamuraya Tourist Park.

That's way down below Mt. Gusuku or Tatchū, whichever you prefer to call it.

Now, I know Okinawan parents use this monument to teach children lessons.

But, I'll put my thoughts in simple English for everyone to read.

Advice for Parents



Teach your daughters there are some people we call Slick Willies in this world.

Before a girl lets a guy wiggle his way into love, she has to know how to check him out.

Look for concealed wedding rings and, stuff like that.

And, even more importantly, when out on a date.....

Don't Get Too Stoned ! 


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