Saturday, May 4, 2013

Travel Photo: Tobacco Fields of Ie Jima and Mt. Tachū (タッチュー) and a Gripe

Photo composed to give a view of Ie Jima tobacco fields with Mt. Tachū in the background.

Called Mt. Gusuku, in travel brochures and advertising, it's best to know some local dialect.

Most Okinawans, when they see this hill on Ie Jima, immediately recognize it.

They call it, Tachū (タッチュー) so, that's what I do, too.

Tobacco, I can't complain about that. We all agree, tobacco is tobacco.

The Gripe



When, you try to research this little mountain on Ie Jima you find all kinds of stuff online.

And, just because some genius spelled  it "Tacchu" on Wikipedia, everybody else does.

It makes you wonder what they do.  Maybe, just copy and paste the stuff !

Trust me.  I ain't a linguini expert er, nuthin like that.

Just browsing through a few Japanese, Okinawan and English dictionaries.......

...there doesn't seem to be any words with two "C's" like that Tacchu word.

Rekin we could get some scholar to go in and kerrect that ?

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