Monday, May 27, 2013

Travel Photo: Itoman Port -- The Ghosts Are Coming Soon !

A Beautiful Sunny Day in Okinawa


It seems like forever since we last had a sunny day like today.

So, our travels brought us, way down south, to the city of Itoman.

Doing a bit of research for an upcoming event, I shot this photo.

Next month, is when the dragonboat races take place, below, in that pretty blue water.

In Itoman, they call the races "Hare."  Anywhere else, it's "Harii."

Lots of things are done differently, down that way.  That's why I love the place.

Looking around the internet, to find links (English) can be challenging.

It's nice when you can share the information in advance so, other people can make plans.

For example, I was planning on making my trip a two day event.

It's always a good idea to mix with the locals the night before and maybe, tip a few drinks.

That way, yer not a stranger the next day and, if ya ain't in jail, have a lot more fun.

The Research Goes On and On



The Hare, takes place, this year on June 12th.

Some of the history and culture about the event may be found HERE.

My most recent discovery was, nobody in Itoman goes fishing the day after the races.

It's not because they might be hungover, either.

It is because, of the spirits of anyone who died at sea.

The ghosts, of those poor souls, have their own boat races, the day after Itoman's Hare.

Now, I'm thinking, this may be a three day trip for me. I wouldn't want to miss the ghost races !

Read about it in The Japan Times


Okispice said...

Thanks for the links (very interesting) and the heads-up. 7 years in Oki and I have never been to the Itoman Hare. Maybe I'll break my own tradition and go enjoy this one.
Theresa (okispice)

RyukyuMike said...

Definitely, you want to make it to this event. I'll try to keep the links updated, as more accurate information becomes available. That, can be a real chore, sometimes. I can't count, the times I've found out about some important cultural event, like, a day or, two after it happened !

Doc said...

I wonder if that is anything like the submarine races we used to go to when I was a teenager???

RyukyuMike said...

Shoot. You don't go to those races, anymore ?