Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Free To A Good Home: A Glabripennis Thingy (Photo Essay)

Asian Longhorn Beetle Needs a Place to Stay


It started last night when I found this creature about to enter the highway.

Coming back from the coffee machine, I spotted the bug on the sidewalk curb.

So, I picked it up and brought it to my office.

bug along highwat, Longhorn Beetle

 The highway is no place for one of these little critters to be walking.

Longhorn Beetle leaving cage

 This morning I let it out of the cage for some photography.

The Longhorn Beetle is an Anoplophra glabripennis to those who speak Latin.

blue envelope, bug, beetle

An old blue envelope and strobe flash were used to take a few photos.

beetle spreading wings, close up

The insect acted a bit upset with me.

angry-looking beetle

Normally, I don't like using flash but, I had no idea how fast this thing might move.

It wasn't going to hang around on that envelope for very long.

beetle on floor

Once the rascal jumped down on the floor I had to move real fast, to take photos.

pushing beetle out door

Then, I grabbed the envelope, again, to escort the critter out the door.

angry beetle

 The bug acted like it was all riled-up about something.

beetle spreads wings

 All used-up and being tossed out like an old shoe, it may have been thinking.

 I shook it off at the bottom of the stairs and went back in the office.

A minute later, I looked over at the door and saw the critter trying to come back in.

beetle coming back into office

There isn't enough time in the day nor, days in the week, for me to take care of this thing.

beetle outside office

 Ever so gently, I kept pushing the creature back out the door.

There's no telling what you're supposed to feed them and, I'm too busy to find out.

beetle attempts to re-enter office

 The little bug kept coming back.

beetle spreads wings

And, insisting it be allowed in the office.

beetle climbing step to office

An incredibly stubborn insect, it wouldn't quit trying to come back inside.

beetle back in cage

So, I made a deal.  You stay in my office, in the cage, until I find you a good home.

If anybody is looking for one of these glabripennis thingies, come and get it.

You can have it free, cage included !

If you want to know more about the Longhorn Beetle

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