Monday, November 3, 2014

5 Motion GIF's from a Traditional Sailing Sabani Boat Race

An Annual Event in Itoman Okinawa



There must be some way, we can figure out how to publicize this event in adance.

It's good, clean fun and, no alcohol drinking or, bet making goes on, as far as I can know.

yellow-sailed boat racing, 3 man team

 There isn't a better way to spend a November day than this.

There was plenty of sunshine, fresh air, an ocean breeze and a good time was had by all.

5 star hotel,sabani boat racing, bouy,ocean

One time, I went to that 5 star hotel, in the  background.

The people, at the front desk, were real polite.

But, when, I asked if they knew where the sabani races were, they didn't know.

They should probably, climb the stairs and, look out the windows, once in awhile.

two sailing sabani boats, racing

 They have men and women, paddling and sailing those wooden boats.

Watching these boat races is more fun than, trying to view a marathon or, golf tournament.

two sailing sabani boats racing

When the wind blows, just right, the boats move real fast, without even paddling.

Sailing sabani, bouy, ocean

After they circle the designated buoys, they may be sailing into the wind.

That's when, people power and paddles, come in handy.

beach cleanup,parents, children, dog

This is one of the highlights of a sabani get-together that, I think is important.

Everywhere they go, children and pets are welcome.

And, at any beach they use, a cleanup is held.

Don't you wish, you had sabani sailing people, come to a beach near your neck of the woods ?

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