Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Ryukyu Castanet Known as Sanba (三板)

Musical instrument, sanba

This instrument accompanies many Okinawan folk bands.

It is a gadget made by threading three pieces of hardwood on a string.

It took awhile, but, I found a good video of the sanba in action.

For anyone wishing to practice, here's a good video.

The instrument is available in many gift stores throughout the islands.

One of these musical instruments has been taking up space in my office.

Today, I decided to use it as a photographic subject.

Using available light, I shot a few different compositions, with black and white backgrounds.

Still not sure, which, I like best. Maybe, I'll try some Okinawan fabric next time.

The research, led me to something about this instrument, I had never known.

It was introduced to Okinawa by a famous singer.

Now deceased, he was the father of another musician, Kina Shoukichi.

Read more about it at The Power of Okinawa

Kina the younger, had one heck of a good band, back in the good old days.

Recently, he got himself into politics and, got whooped really bad.

Politics and, I don't really agree with each other but, I can play the sanba.

Maybe, I should look that guy, Kina Shoukichi up.

If he'll teach me how to play the sanshin and sing, I'll show him how to play the sanba !

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