Saturday, November 8, 2014

Tree: Tropical Almond Found Growing in Okinawa

Good Stuff and Some Not So Good




It's always fun, discovering things like this.

The Map It Okinawa dude and, I were on a mission, looking for nifty things to post on blogs.

There are plenty of, culturally significant trees on this island.

And, if we can find them, we will document each one, in the English language.

Terminalia catappa,tree, Sea Almond

When you find one like this, it's a pleasure, doing the of research.

There isn't just one of these trees at this location.

They have a whole row of them along the highway, close to the ocean.

Designated Cultural Property, Nago City,sign

What, I liked about this, besides the shade, was the historical marker and sign.

It gave the history of the trees in English and Japanese.

Plus, the Latin name and, local dialect for the plants.

Shooting images of these signs, helps with the research later.

Coke machine,HWY 110,trees

The Law for Protection of Cultural Properties got me thinking.

It might not be a good idea, to get caught messing around with that tree.

So, I backed away with the cameras and took some shots from a distance.

And, I made sure, nobody was looking, when I collected some almonds to take home.

They had fallen on the ground so, I figured they must be free.

Thinking, it would be nice to show you my nuts, I shot some for display.

They turn different colors as they ripen.

The not-so-good news is, they are almost impossible to open.

After about 20 minutes of hacking with a steak knife, I gotterdun.

That little seed, at the tip of the knife was all, I found inside.

If, I ever get some new teeth and the urge for almonds, guess what, I am going to do ?

Buy some at a candy store !

Resources for all you could ever want to know about the Terminalia catappa tree:

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