Saturday, November 15, 2014

Flower Photo: Bird of Paradise and a Photo Tip

What Happens in Okinawa



Yesterday, we took a little camera trek, down to the south of the island.

It had been the second time, in a week, I visited Sueyoshi Park.

Map It Okinawa dude and, a good doctor were on this trip.

Bird of Paradise,flower,black background

The mission, we were on, was to teach the doctor some tricks of the camera trade.

Two days prior, I had photographed this Bird of Paradise flower.

In too much of a hurry, I didn't pay enough attention to the background.

There was something distracting in the image so, I threw the photo away.

In my backpack, I keep a clipboard with different colored backgrounds to use.

The doctor and I, took turns adjusting the background and shooting the flower.

We used black and white and, could have experimented with red but, didn't.

To me, the black background, looks the best.

TIP: Always bring along some portable background material for flower photography.

White material can also be used as a windbreak or, reflector board.

Back in Canada



When the doctor gets home, he may want to print the Bird of Paradise photo.

So, it's a good thing, we altered the scenery a bit.

We don't want everybody in Canada, looking at what was behind that black board.

Just in case, you're curious and want to know what we were hiding, I let you know.

It was snail crap !

Native Plant of South Africa



This is also called: Crane Flower or, Crane Lily.

The scientific terminology: Strelitzia reginae


Guidebook of Landscaping Plants in Okinawa ISBN4-900668-63-X

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