Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Stick Bug Still Shot and a GIF

Also Known As Walking Sticks



They probably have a Latin name for these bugs, too.

After I discovered there are hundreds of different insects like this, I'll settle for stick bug.

brown walking stick, insect

Here is what the rascal looked like on the walkway at Kin Dam.

When it first landed, it was in some tall grass.

Maybe, I spooked it when I lowered my tripod to get closer.

stick bug in grass, GIF

It took another short flight and landed in the grass again.

So, I lowered the tripod legs all the way down and, sat on the ground.

 There are some interesting things about these critters, you may want to know.

No 1.  They won't bite you.

No 2.  Females, don't need males, to help them make babies. 

No 3.  Stick bugs have the world record for being the longest bugs on earth.

For more information about these bugs, you should go see Debbie the Insect Expert.


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