Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Funny Landing But Impressive Bird

Great Egret



These egrets were headed for extinction, at one point in history.

That's because, people liked their bright, white feathers.

Great Egret landing in a tree

There are way, too many, images of egrets in my flies already.

But, I just had to save this bird's goofy-looking descent.

egret with wings spread

Once it got settled, my feathered friend, did a bit more regal posing for me.

All About Birds



There are so many types of herons and egrets, identification can get confusing.

On an occasion or two, I have misidentified a bird and, posted it here.

Something like that can be a disastrous experience.

Bird watching experts and scientists, will jump down your throat !

So, what I do now, is go to The Cornell Lab of Ornithology for identification.

If this egret isn't an Ardea alba, they can try and jump down some other guy's throat.

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