Sunday, November 16, 2014

Six Images of the Grey Heron in Flight

bird, flight, Grey Heron

This afternoon, I went for a walk with the Pentax K3 and a 300mm lens.

grey heron, flying

The Kin Dam, is a good location to find these birds.

Grey Heron, wings up, legs down

Standing at the top of the dam, I adjusted my exposure for the green background.

Grey Heron, wings down

When the heron, came along, I was ready.

Flying Grey Heron

All I had to do was hold the shutter button down and pan the camera.

Use of a tripod, steadied my shots.

flying grey heron

Grey Herons, in flight, show some terrific colors.

When they aren't flying, they can sit in one spot for hours.

The Latin name for these birds is Ardea cinerea.

In Japan, it would be Ao-sagi, which translates roughly as Blue Egret.

This one made my day.

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