Saturday, November 1, 2014

Do You Know What Wind Turbines Do ?

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Unlike Windmills -- Generate Electricity



Those old fashioned windmills generated mechanical power.

They were used for pumping water, grinding grain or, running a sawmill.

Turbines use the wind to convert mechanical power into electric power.

One of these gadgets could power your home or, a whole neighborhood.

Electricity coming from a source that doesn't pollute, sounds great, to me.

Somebody Had to Start Complaining



Just when you think the coal-burning and nuclear plants are done, a problem arises.

The pollution must go on and, miners have to keep on digging.

We won't be able to just use, free wind power.

Somebody discovered that, when birds fly into these wind machines, it kills them !

And, that got a movement started, to quit building wind turbines.

Birds that fly into building windows and walls, get killed, too.

When they fly into the windshield or, any part of an automobile, they crap-out, as well.

Have you heard of anyone trying to stop cars and buildings from being made ?

Why pick on windmills, then ?

Cats Kill More Birds Than Wind Turbines

Our little furry felines kill hundreds of millions a year.

Windows, on homes and businesses, kill 100 million birds annually.

Automobiles, account for 60 million bird casualties each year.

Communication towers, for your mobile phones, kill 40-50 million birds a year.

Wind turbines, account for 10,000 - 40,000 bird deaths annually.

SOURCE: Do wind turbines kill birds?

 People Can't Be Expected to Live Without Some Things

Homes, businesses, cars and cellular phones are like, necessities.

But, cats?  Who needs them?

If you haven't already guessed, I am a dog person.

To be politically correct, cat people are OK, too.

So, I thought about making a phone call, to an imaginary cat person, friend of mine.

That would be a long distance phone call and, I don't hear too well.

Anyway, I figured, I know what she'd say if, I told her about the cats.

She would tell me, there aren't as many wind turbines, as cats, yet.

So, we should wait until we have equal numbers of each, before making judgement.

So, I didn't bother, calling my imaginary cat friend.

And, saved a whole bunch of imaginary money !

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